Why Pika Knits

According to Wikipedia…

pika: The pika is a small mammal, with short limbs, rounded ears, and no external tail.

Sounds cute, right?

But I saw an episode of the show North America on the Discovery channel, and the pika has a dark side.

Some pikas, such as the collared pika have been known to store dead birds in their burrows, for food during winter.

Yup.  Dead birds.   And according to the show, the pika tends to be more specific, and eats the brains.

So my intention for this blog is to post mostly cute, happy posts about knitting, but I know that most likely, there will be other surprises included.  Other parts of my life will protest and want their share of the attention, and I will be forced to oblige.  In the process, I will also be figuring out how to work with WordPress, and I might be tempted to share my triumphs and frustrations.  So, the pika, cute, flower-loving, and full of surprises, is my new mascot.   And if it had opposable thumbs, I think it would enjoy knitting warm sweaters for the winter.

Off, off, and away!   Let the knitting begin!


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