Cast On

The scariest moment is always just before you start. -Stephen King

I saw this quote on the side of my blog today, (apparently WordPress likes to congratulate you on your post and inspire you to do more) and it hit home for me.

I am generally an anxious person, and work myself up before anything gets going. It’s the reason I dislike flying (although I love new places). I’m fine once I’m on the airplane, seatbelt secure and book or knitting in my lap. It’s the hours before the flight. I worry about my flight getting delayed, my ticket being invalid, hitting traffic on the way to the airport, trouble getting through the security line, and not hearing my flight boarding group get called.

That’s a lot of worrying for one flight, and sadly, the same worrying happens for a lot of events.  Maybe this quote will be a helpful reminder that generally, the worst part for me is getting started.

But even better – I had a fun experience last night that is good example of why I just need to get out the door.

I bought a fancy DSLR camera for myself months ago, but until recently have only used inside my apartment. I was really self-conscious about taking it outside. I worried about people looking at me, expecting me to know what I’m doing, or perhaps being annoyed by my presence.

Last night, after taking pictures of my knitting and reading articles online about how to get good pictures in low light, I finally gathered up my courage and went out take some pictures of the clouds around sunset. And, just as I was feeling super awkward taking pictures of the clouds near a busier street, a guy shouted from the sidewalk beyond the traffic light.

“Hey, are you taking pictures?” (Admittedly, a kind of obvious question, since I was holding a large DSLR camera.)

This was it. Someone noticed me. I answered that yes, I was taking pictures of the clouds and sunset.

“Do you have a website or something?”  Nope, just learning how to use my camera.

By then he had walked up to me, and was whipping out his iPhone. He told me that he had been standing on the bridge, and got some really great sunset shots while facing downriver, and that’s where I should go. He showed me the pictures, and said that the iPhone is really great for this sort of thing. I told him I would check it out, and he went on his merry way.

Clouds After Sunset

Pretty clouds and pretty colors.

So how’s that for a good encounter? I was all nervous about people seeing me awkwardly holding my camera, and the first person I talked to was just happy and excited to talk about the sunset. So now I need to remember that as scary as it might be to get started, I won’t have those fun moments if I don’t get out the door.

(And now, since this started as a knitting blog, I’ll put it in knitter’s terms. )

You may have to frog it later, but you’ll never knit a sweater if you don’t cast on.


2 thoughts on “Cast On

  1. Hiya! I know this feeling all too well! My sister has a notecard over her phone that I like to think about whenever I’m too much in my head. It says, “breathe deeply and watch things fall into place.” Way to be awesome and get out there! The world definitely gave you a reward in the form of that happy, nice guy. Happy knitting and happy living!

    • That’s a great motto! I’ll have to keep that in mind. Yes, I definitely feel that the world was sending me a message that day.
      Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great day!

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