I’ve stalled on the green sweater. Not sure what it is, but I have a distaste for joining a new ball of yarn. I try to plan the joins for the underarm area or the side of the sweater, so if the ends start popping out or if the stitches look funny, at least it wouldn’t be as noticeable. So, since I’m stalled on the green sweater, I’ll entertain myself with a side project. A while back, I got a free ball of Comfy Worsted Yarn from Knitpicks, and managed to coax it into a little handbag, the Fat Bottom Bag.   I have had the book The Happy Hooker for a long time, and had often considered this pattern.   It looked fun and easy, and a good break from rounds and rounds of stockinette for the sweater.   I finished the bag in a couple of days, and then stalled as I looked around for handles for the bag.   I really liked the look of the wood/bamboo circular handle that I had seen in the book, but the two local crafts stores didn’t have them and I ended up ordering them online. And they have arrived, but still aren’t attached to the bag yet.   So that’s my plan for tonight, to stall working on the green sweater by working on the green handbag.

Green Handbag, Work in Progress

Green Handbag, Work in P

(And those of you who looked at the original pattern pictures may have noticed that the original has a big flower on the bag.   I’m stalling on that too.   I’ve at least decided that I want the flower to be white.  Now I have to figure out if I am going to crochet the flower myself, or continue to look at flowers in the stores.)

Oo!  I almost forgot.   One of the big motivations for crocheting this handbag was to try out my new set of crochet hooks.  For my birthday, my husband bought me the complete Amour Crochet Hook Gift set when it was on sale.

Amour Crochet Hook set

Amour Crochet Hook set

They felt really great, and I was hoping that the thicker handle would keep my hands from tiring quickly.   I certainly felt a difference between these cushioned hooks, and my usual aluminum only hooks.   (And I loved the colors!  Really, that may have been the main driving force.)

Sometimes, the tools make a world of difference.   Do you have some favorite tools that make your craft life better?


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