Handles Attached, Ends Woven In

Not a whole lot of news on the knitting front, but as I promised myself, I did finally attach the handles to my crochet bag, and weave in the ends.

Green Crochet Bag

Handles Attached!


And here it is again, precariously balanced on a chair, because it’s difficult to take a picture of myself holding it (unless I used a mirror, and eh, I wasn’t quite camera-ready at the time).


And here’s the bag again, amid the piles of mail that seem to just grow on our dining room table.

I was visiting my mom this weekend, and I packed a tote bag full of knitting-related stuff.  I brought the finished blue nephew sweater, the in-progress green sweater, and the finished bag.  I thought I was going to get a lot of work done on the green sweater, but nope.   My Mom and I just talked most of the weekend, and I was too wrapped up in chatting that I didn’t think of knitting too much.  I will interpret that as a sign of a good visit.

We did discuss the issues of buying/making clothing for nephews that live far away.  She had bought some adorable outfits at Carters, so we compared notes.  My sweater was a little bigger than the shirts she had bought, so we both crossed our fingers that they would fit come fall.

Speaking of visits, I had the delight of seeing a college friend for lunch on Monday.   She is one of my college knitting friends, and I absolutely loved seeing her.  Within 10 or 15 minutes of my arrival, she was showing me the socks she was working on, and flipping through pictures on her phone of all of her finished projects.   And she is a super knitter – she just posted her 100th project on Ravelry.  Woo, that’s a lot of projects!

That’s definitely a milestone I would love to reach.  Which means I need to start carrying my knitting wherever I go, so I can squeeze in a few rows here or there.


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