Simple Math

Sometimes, my brain just isn’t functioning as it should.   As previously mentioned in my last post, doing the math for attaching the sleeves takes a little bit of brain power.

Sometimes you feel really smart, the math seems simple and straightforward.   And then this happens.


Sorry for the blurriness, but I thought sleeves that weren’t evenly spaced at the sides of the body didn’t merit the effort for good photographs.


Yep, that sleeve is exactly 10 stitches off from where it should be.   I thought I was s clever.   108 stitches around, divided by 2 is 54.   Then, if I subtract the number of stitches for the sleeves, I should have the number of stitches between the sleeves.    Except, I subtracted for BOTH sleeves, when I was mentally working with only the front or back of the sweater.

A better thought process would have been:

108 stitches around.   Subtract 10 stitches for each sleeve (20 total).  Then, divide the result by 2, and that’s how many stitches between the sleeves.  (The answer is 44, by the way.)

Another thought process (if I weren’t OCD about where the sides of my sweater were placed and where the loose end would be woven in):

The sweater is just an unshaped tube at this point.  I could have just moved my stitch markers for the “sides”, and continued on merrily.  But that would have been too easy.


Both, after some careful tinking and untangling of various yarn strands, we’re back in business.   Sleeves are attached, and it’s time for the yoke of the sweater.

Huzzah for progress!


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