Better Together

Both nephew sweaters are done!

sweaters in the sink

I gave them a gentle wash in the sink, and laid them out on a towel to dry.

blocking sweaters

And I was a bit nervous, because when wet, they stretching a bit, probably from the weight of the water.

green sweater

stretched stitches beneath the ribbing

But before they were completely dry, I got impatient, and thought about what the yarn label said.  “Machine Wash/ Tumble Dry Low.”   And I decided to tumble dry low, because I know the recipients’ parents do not like the idea of hand-washing.  They do enough laundry already, with twins.

So I tumble dried. on a lower heat setting, and was very happy that there were no explosions, shrinking, or crying.     And the stitches corrected themselves beautifully!

I am quite happy with the results.  You may notice that the green sweater has a slightly wider neck, and the buttons are a little farther apart.  This is mostly intentional.   I tried to make the opening larger, to fit their big baby heads, but without making the sweaters look very different.    I frogged and knit that area multiple times, driving myself crazy with trying to make them different, but the same.

And through the miracle of the 2013 U.S. Holiday  and Jewish calendars, I have a plan.   This year, Hanukkah starts one day before Thanksgiving.  So, I can give the sweaters for Hanukkah, and if they don’t fit well, I can do some adjustment knitting after Thanksgiving dinner.   And Thanksgiving is far enough away that I probably won’t cry if I need to rip back the sleeves or the neckline.


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