Ideal Scenery for Knitting

A change in scenery can be great for creativity and relaxing.  I was staying with my grandfather, and I really had looked forward to lounging by the pool with my knitting, taking a dip every so often to cool off.

There was a lot of anticipation and preparation:  I had a particular yarn with me, I chose a pattern (and printed it out), got a snack, and my phone, and my needles.   I figured out the perfect time to go:  after 2 o’clock, so the sun wouldn’t be scorching and I could find shade, and time for a shower before we met with my uncle, aunt, and cousin for dinner.   I was setting myself up, laying out my materials and arranging my towel, finding the best position to get sun on my legs, but not burn my shoulders.

Knitting by the pool

A lounge chair with a view

Looks nice, right?

I found the end of the yarn ball.  My knitting needles were at the ready.   Then I looked at my pattern, looking for the gauge, and stopped.

I had pored over patterns for hours, and finally picked one without noticing that it called for DK Sport weight yarn.   The yarn I had found in my stash for my next sweater?  The only yarn I had with me?


I even tried a swatch, just in case.   No luck.

So I did the only thing I could do.  I kept lounging, and went for a swim.    And later, I’ll look for a pattern for the yarn I have and yarn for the pattern I have.   Really, it’s hard to complain about a yarn mix-up when I have a lovely pool to swim in.

Back to relaxing!

What is your ideal scenery for knitting?  Lounging by pool, cozying up by a fireplace?


2 thoughts on “Ideal Scenery for Knitting

  1. I find I just get to sticky knitting out in the heat, although out in the backyard in the evening can be nice. Mostly I need a/c to knit in the summer! Your picture makes me think about reconsidering my position though…

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