A New Start

So while knitting by the pool, I made the discovery that the pattern I picked for a new sweater was for a different weight yarn.

Well, after scouring Ravelry, I picked a new pattern, and casted on!

The pattern is Vignette by Amy Herzog, which I plan to make with full-length sleeves.

red knitting swatch

Mini Swatch, with a needle size switch partway through


red sweater start

It’s a start!

I’m starting on the back, and I was sad to figure out that the back is fairly plain.  None of the fun parts until the front or the sleeves.

But this one is for me, so that’s a change from what I have been knitting recently.    I’m using this sweater as a “practice” sweater, seeing how I can play with the fit before I start sweaters with better yarn.

Better yarn?  What I mean to say is more expensive, natural yarns.   I’m trying to not be a yarn snob.  I am reminding myself that for every yarn there is a season, and a project for every yarn under heaven (that’s how that goes, right?).   This is a 80/20 acrylic/wool yarn, and while it’s working up okay, I’m still thinking about some of the Capretta yarn I have in my stash.

Do you ever mentally cheat on yarn?   Work with one yarn, but be thinking about yarn in your stash, that next project on the horizon?


3 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. I cheat on yarn (mentally or actually) ALL the time. It can be awful, because it’s hard to stay motivated to keep knitting that scratchy acrylic when the cashmerino blend sit seductively just out of reach. I like having several projects on the needles at once so I can satisfy my need for soft fluffy things while still getting down to business with scratchier stuff.

    • I think I’ll have start doing that – the natural yarns are calling my name. Maybe I can get a rewards system going – half an hour of work on the acrylic, and I get half an hour on the good stuff. Which will work fine until I start my “one more row” trick.

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