Ready to Rip Back

After watching the Ravens/Broncos game on Thursday (and being sorely disappointed with the results, since I’m a Ravens fan by marriage), I decided I needed a different project to work on during the upcoming games.   My sweater was having too many details to track and I missed a lot of big moments in the game.

So a good sock sounded in order.   I picked what seemed like the simplest pattern in a booklet that came with a sock sampler from Knitpicks.  It’s Thermal from Knitpicks, since the chart is only four rows tall, where some of the other pattern in the sampler have several charts that are much larger.


And I don’t like how it’s going.

My main issue:   it’s a lot of work, for a pattern repeat that looks messy to me, and not well-defined except for the cables.


I’ve worked a little bit farther since I took this picture, hoping that if I got through another repeat of a pattern, I would like it better.   No luck there.

Time to click around Ravelry!


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