WIP with Emphasis on the P

More progress on Vignette!   The back is done, and the right front panel is done!


I’ve laid out the back and the front panel together, though technically they won’t be sewn like that (I have the wrong sides facing each other, but it looks pretty this way).

DSC_0109I am quite happy with the front panel, and how the design turned out.

But now, I am trying not to stall on the second front panel.  I am about 8 inches in, which is baffling me, because the pattern says I should be only 7 inches in when I start the waist shaping increases.    (Maybe it’s Friday the 13th, working it’s creepy magic!)

To rip a few rows back, or trust the pattern and keep going?   It’s seems to be about 2 or 3 row difference from where the same waist shaping started on the other panel.  So that may be enough to “block out”…. or I might have a sweater that is lopsided by a half inch.


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