A Decision and a Good Weekend

I don’t have much of a knitting update for you.

Just a decision and a few rows.   I decided (probably back on Friday) that I would continue on my Vignette cardigan despite the extra length.  (It’s a half-inch more on the left front panel than on the right front panel… and more than an inch longer than it said I should be.)    This may not seem like a big decision, but it was holding me back from progress, so I’m happy I finally made it.   And if I regret it, I can always rip back.

red sweater in progress

bad cell phone picture of the WIP

Time to soldier on, and get’er done.

But, happily, one of the reasons it isn’t further along is that I had a busy, fun weekend.   A family birthday party, a new apartment for my brother-in-law, and a Ravens game party all got in the way of knitting, in a wonderful way.  I didn’t find much time for knitting in between, but it was a great weekend of eating, chatting, and eating some more.


2 thoughts on “A Decision and a Good Weekend

  1. I’ve had several project where I thought – this will look horrible because it wasn’t symmetrical, but then once finished/blocked and worn you can’t even tell. I have positive vibes that 1 inch of extra stitches will ‘magically’ disappear. 🙂

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