Seeing Red

I scrolled through some of my latest posts recently, and noticed something odd.   My WIPs are both red.  Usually I have projects of different colors going to keep things interesting and to give my eyes a rest, but not at the moment.   (There’s a shawl that’s technically ‘in progress’, but only in that it’s not finished and sitting in plain sight.  I haven’t actually worked on it in ages.)

Sock progress:

sock_progressAfter I ripped out the Thermal pattern, I tried several configurations of some simple cables.  (I had to try several because, apparently, I can’t always handle simple math and spacing.)   Now, it is an appropriate project for knitting during Sunday afternoon football games, and it proved it’s viability on Sunday, when the Ravens played (and won) an exciting game against the Texans.

Vignette Sweater progress:   I finished the second front panel (huzzah!) and started the first sleeve.  This sleeve had a rough start – the pattern gives instructions for a short bell sleeve, and I wanted to do a full tapered sleeve.   I did some math, cast on a good number of stitches and figured I’d do the increases ‘when it felt right’.    Silly me.  I got almost to the elbow, took some measurements with my trusty tape measure, and realized it was going to be too tight.

So I ripped it back to the wrist cuff,  did some more math, and was back on track.

sleeve startI’m not quite back to the elbow yet, but I’m getting close.

And now I have some extra motivation to complete the sweater nicely:  I’m planning on going to STITCHES East, and would love to wear the sweater to show it off.   This is my first visit to this event, and previous events I’ve attended, such as the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I haven’t anything weather-appropriate to wear and show off.    But November in Connecticut?   That calls for a sweater.

And I’m determined to answer the call.


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