Granny Achievement Unlocked

Usually I camp out on the couch for my knitting time.  It’s comfy, I can watch T.V. and my laptop is usually close at hand.

But now, I have come one step closer in becoming the ultimate granny stereotype.

rocking chair

My new knitting chair!

Yup, a rocking chair, intended for knitting time.

And with a combination of couch-sitting and chair-rocking, I’ve made a good chunk of progress on Vignette:  the first sleeve is done, and the second sleeve is well on its way.   I’m considering redoing the wrist cuffs on the sleeve, and changing them to standard ribbing, but my plan is to knit both the sleeves, and see how they measure up, and then if necessary, unravel them and knit the cuffs back down.   I like to think it’s a very “go-with-the-flow” plan.   (Pictures to come, hopefully when both sleeves are completed.)

But, as my husband pointed out, I’m still a long way from being an ultimate granny, as I don’t yet have kids or grandkids.   But I’m happy to work on knitting aspect first.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Granny Achievement Unlocked

    • Ha ha, thanks! It was part of an old comforter bed set, and I’ve been considering knitting a new pillow for the new chair – maybe the Country Quilt Block Pillow by Melissa Leapman.

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