Pies and Progress

First, the knitting:

red sock

The heel is complete!

I managed to complete the entire heel at my knitting group – which was a bit of a feat because I haven’t done a toe-up heel for a while, and had to work short rows while talking about the government shutdown.  (We all agreed that we didn’t want to talk about it because it would get up riled up, but then proceeded to complain about it anyway.)

red sleeve

Sleeve in progress

And I am about to start the underarm shaping and the sleeve cap on the second sleeve – I would have been here sooner, but I had to rip back some rows when I discovered a lace decrease slanting in the wrong direction.

Now the pies:

This week, I was lucky to have my mom come for a visit, and on a whim, we decided to go apple picking.   The “on a whim” part meant that we weren’t really sure where we were going, and we had no plans for what to do with all of the apples.

But, my grandfather has a big sweet tooth, so an apple pie was the first step.  (I used a frozen pie crust for the bottom crust, and followed this Epicurious recipe for the filling and topping.)   When it was slightly cooled, I cut a quarter of the pie for me and my husband, and sent the rest home with my mom to share with my grandfather.  My grandfather prefers a crumb topping, so he was quite happy.

apple pie with crumb crust

The apple pie with a crumb crust topping!

And, the orchard had cake mixes for sale, so that was the second step.

apple spice cake

Yummy apple spice cake!

This Apple Spice Cake was wonderful – not overly sweet, with the soft apples throughout, and a warmth from the spices.   We had planned on bring a piece of this to our neighbor… but it never made it out the door.

And after the cake and pie were baked?   We still have a lot of apples.   Another pie might on the way, and I’m thinking of trying out some apple muffins.    But it’s definitely been a good week for my favorite fall activities!

Has the crisp fall weather ever made you go overboard with the fruits and veggies, and how did you handle it?  (Obviously, you can can overboard with yarn purchases, be we all know how to handle that!)


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