Vignette approaches the Finish Line

Sometimes I have “in between” knitting – knitting that I need to pay attention to do it right, but that I still want something else to keep me entertained.

Enter Hilary Duff.   I have seen the movie “A Cinderella Story” several times, and I am probably too old to be watching this movie still, but it really matched my knitting task last night.

And what was this knitting task last night?   Something I was really NOT looking forward to.  Something that I knew was necessary, and that required painstaking small steps, and wasn’t technically knitting.

That’s right – last night, I was seaming my Vignette sweater!  (And I don’t know of any punctuation marks that can properly express my disdain for seaming, and my excitement for my sweater being finished.)    All that’s left is to find some buttons, and attach them.  Admittedly, that is a big task just because I’m bound to be indecisive about the button color, but the finish line is in sight.

seamed red sweater

Just a cell phone picture for now, better pictures to come when I find the time

What are some good knitting movies/shows you’ve watched?   Have you watched anything embarrassing like “A Cinderella Story”, in the name of knitting?


4 thoughts on “Vignette approaches the Finish Line

  1. I will not confess how many times I have watched the 6 hour long BBC Price & Prejudice as a knitting movie. It’s fun but mindless and passes the time while I’m doing miles of stockinette or a really repetitive lace or color pattern.

    • Oh Pride and Prejudice. I love that one so much! I’ve watched it many times, and on long road trips, my mother and will used to quiz each other on it, quoting our favorite scenes. And with 6 episodes, each 55 minutes long, it definitely great for knitting!

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