Button Browsing

I went to visit my mom this week, and I brought my nearly finished Vignette sweater to show her.   I told her that it was finished except for the buttons, and her reaction was to suggest going through the button box.   While we didn’t find any buttons that were just right, we did get some inspiration.

We agreed that silver was the way to go, and these buttons would have been great, except they were too small.

But apparently, there’s this thing called the internet, and you can find almost anything, so I was up late looking at (and drooling over) buttons.

Dave button  Sidney button  Ceola button  Lynell button

These are some top runners of those that I’ve seen so far.   I forgot to measure the size of the buttons at my mom’s house, so I’ll need to dig out some other buttons for a size reference before I order anything.   And maybe I’ll take a trip to a craft or sewing store too, just to be thorough.  🙂

I feel like the two buttons on the left are more “classic” and remind me of a yacht club blazer, while the two on the right are more homey, or modern, or some word that I can’t put my finger on.  (The bottom right one DEFINITELY reminds me of a lattice-crust pie… so that’s appealing.)

What do you think?  Classic or modern/flowery?


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