A Project for the Plane

While the Vignette sweater is in button limbo, I have a weekend trip coming up that requires flying to Minneapolis, and thus a need for good airplane knitting!    While I realize it is Socktober and my red cable socks are in need of some love, I cast on a new project.  (I’m working the socks on double-pointed needles, and have been dropping them all over the place.  Not good for cramped airplane seats.)

purple scarf in progess

Beginnings of a scarf, with the rejected regular knitting needles on the table behind it. Sorry straights, but there’s not enough elbow room on the plane for you!

It’s Favorite Scarf Ever by Lisa Bruce, and I have to say, that’s quite an ambitious name for a scarf.   I’m definitely loving the colors and the feel, and I made a good decision to work it on circular needles, so there’s less to lose on the airplane.  The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints, that I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May.  Now that several months have passed, I’m counting this as a stash-busting project, especially since I had no project in mind when I bought the yarn.

Also, an apology for not posting any pictures of the sweater.  I just haven’t been in the mood to do it, and now that my initial joy has faded a bit, it was put on the back burner.  I sometimes dislike making decisions, so the button decision still hasn’t happened, despite your helpful comments.  Which, by the way, turned out to have exactly two comments voting for “Classic” buttons and two voting for the “Lattice or Flower.”  With such an evenly divided crowd, I feel better about being torn!   I think what I really need to is to get off the computer, and go to a store and make sure I know what size would work.

But, before that happens, I’m hoping for a lot of airport knitting time, and visible progress on the scarf!


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