Hurry Up and Wait Weekend

This weekend was a bit bipolar – great times, mixed with great headaches.

We’ll start with the headaches:

  1. We woke up at 4:30 am to get to the airport on time for our flight to Minnesota, and then waited in the security line.
  2. We rushed to the gate to board on time, and then waited to board because of maintenance issues.    After a half hour or so, we boarded the plane, and waited on the plane for the maintenance to be completed.
  3. We we asked to ‘deplane’ (I love and hate that word), and continued to wait for maintenance.
  4. We re-boarded the plane, and waited to take off,

Total time waiting:  over 2 hours

The return flight home:

  1. We got through the security reasonably quickly for how long the lines were.  Then, we got to the gate, first class started to board, and then we were told to stop boarding because of maintenance issues.  (Maintenance issues, again!!!)
  2. After an explanation of the maintenance issue, we were told that we were waiting for the maintenance crews ESTIMATE of how long it would take to fix.
  3. Good news – they found another plane for us to use, and we hurried across the airport to different gate.
  4. Bad news – the plane they found also had maintenance issues!    The pilot came on the loudspeaker and said the plane was completely fly-able, but FAA regulations require that the plane remain grounded for 24 hours to be fixed.  But they were applying for a waiver.
  5. The waiver came in!   We boarded the plane!   We waited for everyone to get seated, and waited even longer for all of the carry on luggage to be stowed. The door closed, we thought we were on the way.
  6.  ………. but then the door OPENED and the drama started.  A man and a police officer got on the plane, and started walking up the aisle.    The man pointed at the seat next to mine (currently occupied by a young guy), and said he thought that was ‘the one’.   The police officer asked the young guy to stand up, which meant that my husband and I had to get up and get out of the way (not an easy feat on a packed plane).   The officer asked the young guy, “Do you have a laptop?”, to which the guy replied that he had one in his backpack.  “And is that all?” the police officer questioned.   The young guy said yes, but the man who was seated behind him said that he had put a laptop or something under the seat!   The police officer ripped the cushion off the seat, and then looked under the seat and pulled out a tablet!!!     The young man was escorted off the plane, presumably to be arrested, and the helpful man behind him was asked to give a statement.

In summary, the travel was a colossal headache with over 4 hours of delays, but it was quite a story!   Maintenance delays, running across an airport, and an on-board arrest!

The good times:  The wedding was a blast!  My cousin was so beautiful in her dress, and looked incredibly happy.   And there was lots of dancing!    My husband, lucky for me, is quite a good dancer and is willing to dance too.   (The “willing” part is key!)   We had a fabulous time watching their slideshow, catching up with family, and taking pictures in the photo booth.   The next morning, we had brunch with everyone in the hotel, and we gushed about the wedding and talked about our favorite parts.   (And my cousin’s adorably tiny daughter developed a crush on my hubby, and was batting her eyelashes at him!)

So, despite all the travel headaches, the trip was worth it for good times and family.   And of course, all that waiting gave me time to knit.  🙂

Lots of progress on the purple Favorite Scarf Ever!      Just an example of how knitting can help turn lemons into lemonade.     And this experience just reinforced my need to carefully choose a knitting project for airplane travel. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait Weekend

  1. Wow….what a story! I am glad you all made it to and fro safely. Also glad you got some dancing in (the willing part is definitely key and you are lucky to have that lol as Bry and I have gotten into many a fight over this willingness).

    • Yep, it definitely was a special trip – I don’t get to see the Minnesota family very often! I used to think that once I was on the plane, everything would go smoothly, but that’s clearly not the case anymore!

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