Autumn Scarf WIP

The autumn Favorite Scarf Ever is still growing, and there are times that I look at the pattern description and think, “Really? 75 inches?   6 and a quarter feet?   That seems a tad long.”   But, since it’s a light weight yarn, it’s quite thin, and I remind myself that this is one of those scarves that I will stylishly (ha!) wrap around several times.   Or wrap around several times in an attempt to be stylish, but end up looking more strangled.   Perhaps with several wraps, it might provide a little extra warmth as well.

When not working on the scarf, I’ve been in deep thought, trying to figure out the destiny of these two yarns.

wooly yarns

yarns enjoying some sunshine as they wait for their destiny

I bought them a while ago, back at my first visit to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (my best guess is sometime between 2006 and 2008).  I had walked around all day, and not made any purchases.   I generally like to purchase yarn with a project in mind, but the day was ending and I felt odd not buying any yarns, so these were acquired.

For some reason, I thought the yardage would be greater, and that I might try for a scarf or two.  Now, I’m thinking hats might be in my future.


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