Happy Halloween!

I’m in my 20’s, married, and my brother just young kids.    So, I occasionally get the question, “Are you getting baby fever yet?”

Now, don’t anyone get any big ideas, but if I’m going to get baby fever, Halloween is the time that it would happen.   Little kids in costumes?   Absolutely heart-melting.    I bugged my brother this morning until I received a picture of my nephews in costume, and the picture of my little elephant and little puppy is my new phone wallpaper.    (So I can miss them and look at the them all day.)

And, because I love knitting and crafting, getting to plan kids’ costumes sounds AMAZING.  (Especially when they are young enough so that I’m planning the costumes, and they aren’t changing their minds every 10 minutes.)

So here’s a couple of cuties from my blog-crawling this morning

A Little Lion, over at Knit the Hell Out

A Skeleton Fairy and Spiderman over at Skirt As Top   (extra points for a cool crafter that can bring “skeleton fairy” to life!)

And by the way, my mom made a great princess costume for me when I was younger – dark green velvet, so it was warm, and glittery stars and a crown for sparkle.

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Enjoy the candy!

If we don’t get any trick or treaters, then I’ll be munching on some Kit Kats or Peppermint patties!

Halloween mouse… looks like a pika to me!