Unlucky Choices

I’ll be heading out to STITCHES East in a few days, and despite months of discussing classes with my friends, I am at the moment.. class-less.

The class-picking process was a little bit long, as my two friends and I thought it would be fun to all be in the same class together.   We took a while picking out which classes we would like, and then on the day we all went to register online, we ran into some issues.

The first class we all agreed on, sold-out when Friend #1 signed up.

The second class, both Friends #1 and # 2 got in and took the last spot.   So after some hemming and hawing, I finally got myself on the wait list, and chose a third class for myself.

But tonight, I got a phone call from STITCHES, and my class has been cancelled, due to the instructor being sick.

So it’s back to the drawing board for me, trying to decide on a new class to take.   And, as seen with my button issues, I am not great at making decisions.  😛


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