I am back from a great weekend with friends (and yarn and knitting)!

And going to STITCHES East just affirms what I already knew about myself :  I am very cautious when making decisions and commitments.

I love to wander around the entire market first, weighing my options.  I also love having a shopping list – projects I’ve been considering and YARN REQUIREMENTS.  Because few things are as upsetting as buying the perfect yarn for something, loving the mental image you create, and then getting home and finding you’re going to run out.   So, I took a loooooong time picking out my yarn.


These carefully chosen skein are MadelineTosh DK, and the blue/purple skeins (Baroque Violet, to be exact) are destined to be Deep Sea Wanderer from the e-book Lit Knits by Bear Ears.   And the light purple skein, called Night Bloom, will most likely become a small cowl.

My friend was very patient with me as I picked these out, and hemmed and hawed about getting more, and finding a color I could commit to for a sweater.  (Which, did not happen in the end, I couldn’t commit!)

And then, after some shopping, we took a break to sit and rest for about an hour.  And throughout that hour. the feeling that I hadn’t bought enough yarn slowly grew.  Three skeins?   Only three skeins, after driving up to Connecticut for STITCHES East?   And it would be months until the next yarn pilgrimage to Maryland Sheep and Wool or Rhinebeck.

So I looked up hat patterns on Ravelry (using my smart phone, yay technology!).  I marched back into the market, and after much hemming and hawing, came out with these beauties.purchase2Cascade 220, in five colors, which will be perfect for some kind of stranded color work hat.

And, if you read my post previous post about my knitting class woes, you might be curious how it went.  And of course, it went fine.   I am such a worrier, but I really enjoyed the class I took that was about lace, and the teacher was wonderful.   Now, I have to get to it and try designing my own lace pattern!



2 thoughts on “Choosy

  1. Haha! My fiance had a similar “we drove all the way here for just 2 skeins” so I was like OH OF COURSE I’LL BUY MORE THEN. Luckily, I don’t have commitment issues. 🙂 That color will make a lovely Deep Sea Wanderer cowl.

    • Thanks! Yea, my hubby tends to be an enabler when it comes to fun purchases. Before I left, he told me to buy a lot of yarn (and he knows about my decision making issues, so he knows I won’t go toooo crazy!). He also points out that if I’m going to pay for two tanks of gas just getting there and back, I might as well make it worth it!

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