Semi-Fixed Blog, Semi-Fixed Wrist

I have my blog relatively fixed –  it’s not a proper “fix” in the sense that everything is working as it should, and that my blog will beautifully adapt to whatever I want to post, but I have my widgets showing on my home page.

I changed around some of the format settings, and I have an idea of what’s happening, but since it’s a free WordPress blog, I don’t have a lot of leeway to fix it.  

So for now, I’m going to be happy with having my widgets show up.

And speaking of being happy…. I’m not.    My forearm and thumb are still somewhat twitchy, so I’m still resting them.   And we all know how dangerous us knitters get when our knitting is taken away, even if for good reasons, like the preservation of future knitting.  

For now, I’m pretending that typing doesn’t stress the same ligaments/muscles/tendons, and wondering if I could live with having the words “Crochet Dude” on my arm, and if it would help.  Has anyone else used one of these stress glove thingys, with any success?  

I don’t object to wearing a stress glove, but I do slightly object to the words “Crochet Dude.”   (please excuse me as I jump on my feminist soap box)   I realize that this is a particular brand name, and therefore an attempt to spread brand-awareness, and therefore, probably not an attempt to spread male dominance.  However, I’ve been ruminating on feminism a bit recently, and I would rather not have a label on my wrist saying “Dude” because I am enjoying this female-dominated hobby/craft/art right now.

So, if I do buy some gloves, I’ll probably go for some plain ones from Lion Brand.  Just because.


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