My hat WAS basically done, but I had to go and fiddle with it because I wasn’t quite happy.

  1.  My gauge was a bit small, so the hat fit was a bit tight.    Maybe I should have blocked it first, but I decided to slowly feed in some extra yarn to loosen it up.  That took many hours.
  2. It was just a TEENSY bit short for me, which is once again a gauge issue.   So…. I decided to rip out the ribbing at the bottom so I could add some more length.    BAD IDEA.  I didn’t know this, but ripping back ribbing from the cast-on edge is a terrible undertaking.   Here’s a link explaining why  ( I looked it up AFTER I attempted it and made a mess of my knitting.  I then resorted to the method of snipping the row above the ribbing and slowing removing that row.)


So overall, I’m thinking that I could have knit the hat all over again in the same time it’s taking to “fix” it.  And I’m not even surprised.


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