Fair Isle Frenzy

Time for a couple of FOs!

My fair isle hat (from Melissa Leapman’s Mastering Color Knitting) is finally done, and I took the time to get a couple of pictures using my tripod and the afternoon light.

And then, I started a cowl…. but realized that Christmas was coming and I actually wanted to knit something for my mom.   She’d been talking about a fair isle sweater she had when she was younger, and I thought she might like a hat with colorwork.

So, I called her from the craft store to talk colors, and she said burgundy and white would go well with her winter coats.   Also, she wanted it on the longer side, to cover her ears while she was out walking her dog in the cold winter nights.   And I got to work.  (The pattern is from Bernat.)

And I’m happy to have put her hat in the mail, and have it to her before Christmas!

I don’t think I’m going to have my planned knits out before Christmas, but I didn’t help by firmly deciding that I wasn’t knitting any presents this year, and then changing my mind less than two weeks before Christmas.


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