Rule 32

I had a great day yesterday, one of those days that has a lingering happiness that lasts for a few days, just from the little things.    It started with a Chai soy latte and some knitting.

I’m pretty sure I startled a girl sitting near me, since I didn’t figure out how to turn off my camera phone shutter sound until after I took the picture.   There, I’m working on hat for one of my nephews, and of course worrying that it will be too small.

I was impressed at how many people were hanging at Starbucks in the middle of the day.  I knew that people like to get coffee and do some work (and avoid the distractions of being at home), but I hadn’t considered making it a daily thing for when I need to get work done.

But, after the Starbucks run, I got my hair cut, and woo, what a difference!

The hair dresser took about 6 inches off the length, and cut some side-swept bangs, and of course, did some styling that I doubt I’ll ever be able to replicate.    And it makes me feel great!   My husband loves the new look, and I loved being fussed over for an hour.  (Really, it’s nice to be able to just talk about your looks for an hour, and have the person you’re talking about actually be interested, and not feel like you’re being really superficial and boring.)   I so rarely get my hair cut, so it’s usually a lot of fun when I get around to it.

So yep, that one hour of getting my hair cut made me feel so happy and bouncy for the rest of the day.   It was a good reminder that I need to do fun things for myself occasionally, and that it should always be yarn-related!

So follow Rule #32 from the movie Zombieland – Enjoy the Little Things   🙂

Especially for those celebrating Christmas this coming week, it’s a good rule to keep in mind.

Little Christmas things I’m looking forward to:

  1.  Wrapping paper
  2. hot chocolate
  3. the smell of the evergreen Christmas tree
  4. watching other people open their presents
  5. lounging in my pajamas on Christmas morning
  6. visiting with family

What little things have you enjoyed lately?    Are there any holiday little things you’re looking forward to?


4 thoughts on “Rule 32

  1. Those are excellent things to look forward to! My list is similar, top of it is watching people open the gifts I’m giving them. I’m also looking forward to Christmas evening, when the Fiasco and I finally get home and are alone with our tree and our gifts for each other.

  2. Haha, my phone’s shutter sound is equally startling.
    I’m looking forward to seeing my aunt and Gran the day after Christmas and comparing our crafty projects. They quilt and sew, which I can’t do very well, so it’s awesome to see what they’ve been up to.

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