Zapped by Christmas Spirit

I wasn’t planning on going nuts for Christmas.  I wasn’t planning on knitting many gifts, or putting up many decorations.   But I was out and about, and the Christmas music was on the radio, and I went into Michael’s craft to look for some yarn…. and I got zapped by Christmas spirit.

I picked up a fake evergreen branch, and some jingle bells, and went home to use some leftover yarn to make a door decoration.   (I saw the stars and ornaments on kfklever knits in this post, and that’s what got my wheels turning of using the ornaments for a door decoration.)

I fiddled with the patterns I saw on Ravelry for the ornaments:  the star is Stjärna, but starting with 65-something stitches and on round 5, and crochet-chained the red lines on afterward.   The ball is a generic ball, but I used a color work pattern from Melissa Leapman’s Mastering Color Knitting.   The pointy ball was inspired by Fancy Balls, but I adjusted for my worsted weight yarn and gauge, and made the increases/decreases more dramatic. (The color work is also from Mastering Color Knitting.)

And I was super happy to do some stranded knitting.  🙂   I’ve definitely been on the color work kick.

(And in case you were curious, when I look through the door’s peephole, I can see the yarn the supports the middle ornament, but it isn’t so bad that it blocks the view. 🙂   )

This might be the last post I get to before Christmas, so I want to take the chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!    (Or for those who don’t celebrate, enjoy the day off work if you get it!)

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