Finally Mailed

The gifts are in the mail!    I finally got my butt to the Post Office on Monday, and now the gifts are out of my hands.   (But they should hopefully be in the recipients’ hands today!)

I was planning to go back to the Post Office yesterday, to pick up a package from my husband, but there was a snag.    We got the little pink slip in our mailbox that we missed the first delivery attempt, and now the package will be waiting at the post office.  BUT, the person whose name is on the box has to show up with I.D., or sign the slip and write down who will be showing up instead.

And we forgot to do that the other night.   I’m happy that I noticed it before I drove over and waited in line, but it seems to me like I’ve been spending an usually high amount of my brain power thinking about the Post Office recently.   But that’s the plan for today, too!

And, pulled out of hibernation, I’m working on my red cable socks:

red_socks_in_progressOne sock down, one to go!   (And I didn’t fall into the Second Sock Syndrome Vortex:   I finished the first sock at my knitting group, and then cast on the second later that night.)

It’s also amazing to me that these socks are actually moving along – I felt really angst-y about them before.   I thought the unevenly spaced cables would be cooler than they are, and I ripped them back a few times.  But once I decided to finish them, knowing that they were not going to be the perfect socks that I had imagined, I made real progress.   Now, the first one fits so perfectly, that I’m psyched to finish the pair!

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