Leftover Socks for my 50th

My 50th post!   Hard to imagine that I would have that much to write, or photograph.

And what is on my knitting needles on this historical day?  (And here I’m not talking about my blog milestone, but that it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

My Red Diamond Socklets, which are taking an unexpected turn.   They are based on Liz G’s Diamond Lace Socklets, but I was too lazy to change my gauge (and too impatient to go buy smaller sized sock needles).    So, I am getting two and a half diamonds across the top of the socks, which is fine by me, but they don’t look as sweet and lacy as the pattern.

In unrelated news, I had an awesome weekend!   My friend Amanda came to visit and we played board games, went out to eat, and made a delicious dessert!   (She’s a registered dietitian and chef, and it working on her blog, The Amicable Apple.)

And before eating that delicious Chocolate Peanut Mousse with Crunchy Nut Topping for dessert, we spent a lot of time playing around with cameras and lighting situations, trying out hand at food styling.   (Luckily, we had just finished dinner, so our Significant Others weren’t mind waiting.)   The recipe is from the vegan cookbook Spork-Fed  (check out their website for other cool recipes and ideas), and it tasted amazing!

Have a good week, everyone!

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