A Crafty, Girly Weekend

I’ve been a little M.I.A. for a week, but for a good reason – crafting and friends!

While visiting with some friends north of Boston  (the drive up there felt really loooong), I finished my Red Diamond Socklets.   It’s amazing how much knitting gets done when you have knitting friends, and visits have knitting time built-in. We also stopped by a yarn store during our visit – A Loom with A View, and I bought a set of double-pointed needles.    I’ve been needing some smaller sized double points, but I didn’t actually have a project that specified a size… so I may have gone a little overboard when I bought size 00.   They were cute HiyaHiya needles, which I’m excited to try out, and nervous to know how tiny my gauge might be for a project.   They had lots of pretty yarn, but I didn’t have a project lined up, so I restrained myself and didn’t buy again. And, for more crafty fun-ness, we went to a pottery studio and painted some pottery!

The bowl has to stay at the pottery studio to get fired and dipped, so I won’t know how the colors will go together for about a week.   The blues I picked out for the bottom of the bowl should come out much darker, and I’m nervous excited to see what they will be.

Now, I am in between projects, and I’m trying to decide what to make next. Some possibilities are:

  • mittens, with KnitPicks Chroma yarn  (or maybe glittens?)
  • Business Casual socks, that have a argyle-like pattern

And some requests in my queue:

  • a duplicate baby blanket for my cousin’s little girl (an insurance policy for a very important blankie)
  • a scarf to match the hat I made for my mom
  • fingerless mitts for my hubby

Choices, choices!

Happy Crafting/Knitting!
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