Very little knitting is happening in these parts.  After a rough case of “I don’t know what to start”-itis, I finally decided on the scarf for my mom.   But even that decision took a while.

While I was “not-knitting.”  I was somewhat busy. 🙂


I went to Florida for my cousin’s wedding, and walked on the beach.  (And enjoyed the escape from this snowy winter!)

I dealt with the aftermath of a minor car accident (everyone’s okay!  But my car is dented up, and I’ve been playing phone tag with my insurance company.)


I watched the snow fall, and went for a lovely, snowy walk with my hubby.   (And wore one of my hand-knit scarves.   I made this particular scarf while I was studying abroad in Spain, and learned to make cables from the lady in the yarn shop.    A quite impressive feat, I thought, trying to use my Spanish skills to improve my knitting skills!)

I hope everyone is staying warm, either by the beach or in the snow!

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2 thoughts on “Not-Knitting

    • Florida was certainly a great escape from the snow. The car accident stuff isn’t completely resolved… it’s moving along a little bit, and I’m decently happy that I can drive it around locally before it gets fixed. 🙂

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