Valentine’s Day Tradition

Since the first year that my husband and I started dating, I’ve been making his favorite cake for Valentine’s Day.   The recipe and shape have varied, but always the same flavor:  carrot cake.

I have a dairy-intolerance, so I make the cream cheese icing with Tofutti Cream Cheese, and this time around, I left the icing out while the cake was cooling, and it turned out reeeeally gooey.  The only other change I made from the Betty Crocker recipe was to use substitute half of the vegetable oil for a half cup of applesauce. (It was a half-hearted attempt to be healthier.)   And this year, I have the pleasure of sharing pictures with you, as I didn’t get my act together to make a knitted gift for him instead.

Mmm, carrots!

This year, I used my handy-dandy food processor to grate the carrots for the cake, and felt a little guilty that I took away part of the “hand-made” aspect.   But I added a sweet little detail, just to emphasize the love (and carrots) that went into the cake.

Carrot Hearts

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, filled with sugary goodness!

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