Casting On my Deep Sea Wanderer

Casting on!   Finally!  This scarf has been waiting to be started for months.

Back in September, Audry over at Bear-Ears published a lovely book of patterns inspired by literature, aptly titled Lit Knits.    I followed it on it’s blog tour, reading the various posts as it was featured on different blogs.

And to my surprise, during Lit Knits’ visit to Woolen Diversions, I won a copy of the e-book!

Lit Knits

Lit Knits, full of literature-inspired books!

With this great book of possibilities in my digitally metaphoric hands, I hemmed and hawed about yarn choices.    I even went to STITCHES East, with yarn requirements for patterns written on a Post-It Note.   Then, after taking hours to decide, (my friends apparently have the patience of saints), I picked up some Tosh DK in the Baroque Violet colorway.

Deep Sea Wanderer Infinity Scarf

Deep Sea Wanderer… Sadly, I don’t have the beard to go with the scarf when I finish.

But only now, when I was thinking of casting on a sweater, did I pull out my Tosh DK and cast on for the Deep Sea Wanderer Infinity Scarf.    It’s a beautiful pattern, worked in the round, inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.   (Gasp!  I actually haven’t read the book, I need to get on that.)    I’m past the first set of “Portal Rivets”, and I’m working on the beds of kelp, and I can see how gorgeous it’s going to be after a bit of blocking.

Scarf cast on

And if you were around to read my last post, you might be wondering how I can be so pumped up to start a sweater, and then drop it like it’s hot, turn around, and start a scarf.   What can I say?   I get spooked easily by things that have to “fit” and “get gauge.”

Deep Sea Wanderer Scarf(Psst…   I didn’t do a gauge swatch for this pattern.   I went down a needle size, because, well, that seems to be my MO, and just started casting on.)

Deep Sea WandererOh!   And there was another contributing factor to this scarf’s blazing fast jump off the starting block.  I ran out yarn for my mother’s scarf, and have yet to buy more.    (My car is in the shop for another week, so I won’t be getting out to Michael’s to buy more anytime soon.)


Happy Knitting!  (And a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too, while you’re at it!)

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