Last-Minute List for Maryland

Yikes!   My hubby and I made a last-minute decision to drive to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

Which means that I’m going to up late tonight,  making notes of patterns I’ve been dreaming about, and writing down yarn requirements.   (I bought some gorgeous yarn last year, but it bothers me that I don’t have a project in mind for some of it.   So I’m hoping that having some ideas ahead of time will help focus my yarn-buying.)

And man, I really want to knit sweaters, but the weather is telling me that I might be a bit nuts.

Here are some patterns I’m crushing on:


Boreal by Kate Davies

Boreal by Kate Davies

I just love the colorwork on Boreal, and while the snowflakes definitely make it a winter sweater, maybe if I start it in the spring/summer (in the air-conditioning!)  I’ll have it done for winter.


On the Grass by Joji Locatelli

On the Grass by Joji Locatelli

I’ve had my eye on the On the Grass sweater for a while.  In fact, it was on my list for yarn shopping for STITCHES East last October, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger and purchase the yarn.


Sperry by Amy Miller

Sperry by Amy Miller

I love the stripes and easy-breezy feeling of Sperry, complete with the curved t-shirt bottom edges.   It looks like something I would wear often!


Que Sera by Kirsten Kapur

Que Sera by Kirsten Kapur

Now, this at least is a cotton sweater!   More appropriate for breezy summer night!   I’m a little intimidated by an all-over lace pattern, but hey, the name is “Que Sera,”  so if it’s meant to be, it will be, right?

Ashness Bridge by Jeanette Cross

Ashness Bridge by Jeanette Cross

And this would be the most practical of all, since it’s short-sleeved AND cotton.

But who goes looking for cotton at a Sheep and Wool Festival?

Someday, I think I will have a list that I keep in my wallet at all times, listing yarn requirements for specific patterns, and guidelines for various garments.

But for now, I’ll just enjoy the late-night Ravelry obsessing.

Happy Yarn Hunting!

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7 thoughts on “Last-Minute List for Maryland

  1. Sperry’s the kind of sweater I’d wear all the time too! Don’t feel weird about looking for cotton – I once went to MDS&W and came home with a mohair/nylon blend and a 100% silk. It happens.

  2. I really like the On The Grass sweater. And I just started a sweater myself because I will probably finish it just in time for winter 🙂

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